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Allison®6-Speed Swap

Why should I consider an Allison transmission® conversion for my Dodge diesel or Fordcummins truck?

Allison 6 speed conversion in action

The Allison® 1000 5 and 6 speed is known for it's dependability in OEM applications, and with it's huge case it can be built stronger than any other transmission out there for the hard working contractor truck or sled puller / race truck. The challenge with a Cummins® Allison® 6 speed swap or installing an Allison® into a Fordcummins truck in the past has been getting a good control system.  It is possible to use a stand alone control system, and that is what I offer, but sorting though all the myths and options that don't work so well on your own can be a real chore.  If you get the wrong type of system that doesn't work right, your exciting swap gets super frustrating real quick.  If you are having issues with a system you bought from someone else, join others who have already and contact me to find out if and how I can help you. If you are considering an Cummins® Allison® swap, doing good research will help you make an informed decision.  Dodge® Cummins® , commercial medium duty truck, or Chevy® gas engines are all possible engines that can be used in front of an Allison®.  When you contact me I can send you what is typically the most comphrensive sales info out there to help you make a well informed decision.

Allison®1000 6 speed Control Systems

If you are considering a 5 or 6 speed conversion, do your homework before you buy.  Not all Allison® transmissions are ideal for a swap so read this whole page.  I've talked to many out there that jumped in to a swap without much thought and made a lot of very expensive mistakes.  Asking the following questions of any vendor will help you decide what and where to buy:

Price varies depending on application, includes 2 year limited warranty and installation support.  

See a video of my system in action on youtube

Allison 6 speed Stand Alone Control System

What can a control system from offer?

Below are some reasons why the system I offer is the best on the market today:

It's Tunable:

A major key to my system's success is the tuneability of the system, which allows me to custom tune the shift points, shift quality, and torque converter lockup where they are needed, according to your specific application and use.  All of the tuning can be accomplished through emails over the internet right where you live.  While it is possible you may luck out with a "perfect pre-loaded tune", it is very rare - tuning is almost always needed or wanted- especially with hard working trailer pullers.  As you may realize, your truck and what you do with it is just about as personalized as it can be.  This custom tuning service puts the shift points where YOU need them to be to avoid exhaust smoke, lugging, and shift hunting.

With my system you can usually still drive your truck with the new system right out of the box- and yet have the next step of tuning in your back pocket.  I set up the controller with a base tune that is customized for your engine, gear ratio and tire size- and we tune from there.  My price for the control system includes tech support for getting it installed, and then we switch to per hour charges for the tuning.  Tuning can take some time- but imagine not having the ability to modify your shift points at all, having to learn how to tune it yourself, or having to send your TCM to a vendor for changes!  

Other types of systems have been offered that have a very limited amount of end user tunablility built in, but unless you really enjoy a challenge and like learning new computer programs they will not at all be beneficial to you.  I do not recommend tuning a transmission by yourself, shift quality adjustments and even shift point adjustments are more complex than you may realize.  Even if I offered it, I could not teach most people how to do it in a few hours.  Even if you realize you don't need or want to tune it yourself, your input on what the transmission needs to do is always welcome.  If you want it to do something that is not a good idea I will tell you why and if you still want it, we can try it and see.

It's simpler than others out there: 

Swapping an electronic controlled transmission into your vehicle is not kindergarten stuff - it can get pretty complicated if the system being installed needs supporting equipment for it to work.  I work hard to keep my system as simple as it can be but there are applications that do require some supporting equipment.  The trans should downshift when using cruise control, and keeping factory neutral safety, and reverse lights is often necessary for complex remote starter systems.   In fact some electronic engines can send necessary signals to my system just by plugging a connector in.  Read more about that here.

For non-electronic engines, no other aftermarket mystery modules, custom valve-bodies, or a bunch of sensors are required for fully automatic 6-speed operation- just the right Allison TCM with the correct program, wire harness, and a throttle position sensor.  I can work with a direct tps signal range between .3 volts at idle to 4.7 volts at full throttle.  If you have a 12 valve Cummins, you can use the original style throttle position sensor, however a remote mount cable TPS is most often a better solution - so if your 12 valve had a manual trans behind it originally, or if your Dodge tps is worn out, it is worth the extra money to buy an different TPS.  Rather than rip you off on parts you can buy yourself from other vendors, I send you to the best places to get one and focus on providing the more specialized parts for the system.

It has OBDII diagnostics:

Even though I will likely be the best go to guy, you are not limited to getting diagnostic help from me if you have a problem on the road.  The tool required for custom tuning has exceptional diagnostic abilities when used with a laptop computer- including reading diagnostic codes, and dynamic testing such as fast learn and manual gear command.  If you have problems that aren't easy to solve you can do a data log and get me involved with whatever issue you are facing.

Bottom Line Is Good Value:

Even though the Allison swap is by far the most expensive transmission conversion out there, I can offer a system with good value- one that works with very competent tech and tuning support start to finish.  There might be cheaper ways to do it using junk yard parts that you can get working kind of ok, and there are certainly more expensive ways to do it that may not work too well either- so again, do your homework and ask good questions.  Even my basic harness and calibration/tuning are built to accomodate neutral safety, reverse lights, tow/haul, a check trans light, hot trans temp indicator, and more. Harnesses are built to order so take advantage of that and submit mock up models or measurements.  Consider what I normally include below and then ask me for more specific information.

  1. New TCM Control module with a limited two year warranty that is custom tune-able. 
  2. A premium, factory quality transmission harness is custom built for you with the TPS wire connector of your choice. The basic harness includes relay trigger wires for the following: reverse lights, neutral safety, check trans indicator, hot trans indicator, 6th cancel for 6 speed transmissions, and tow/haul.  I can offer a fuse/relay box option with a key on power relay so you don't overload factory circuits.  I can provide 90 right, left, or straight TCM harness connectors, and either the GM or commercial main trans connector to match the type on your transmission. Since I custom build the harness I help you plan a well fitting harness by offering TCM mounting location and routing suggestions, and do ask that customers provide me with measurements for the build. Those that don't want to take the time to do this are welcome to go to my competitors.
  3. A base calibration that is tailored to your gear ratio, tire size and engine and personal preferences as well as a moderate tow/haul shift schedule is included.  Initial adjustments to match up the calibration to your gear ratio and tire size are included as well, if it is a gear ratio and tire size combo that I don't already have a good base calibration for. 
  4. Full installation and troubleshooting support that is specific to common vehicles is included in the purchase price, I even provide supplemental instructions for most trucks to help you wire up your own existing momentary tow/haul or cancel overdrive switch to activate tow/haul and the exhaust brake function if you opt out of my relay/fuse box option and want to purchase your own relays.  
  5. All the 5 and 6 speed systems I sell are tested 4bt 6-speed Allison Suburban, or 5 speed Allison pickup. 
  6. Custom Tuning is not included in the purchase price but is offered seperately at the hourly rate of $75.00/hr.  Tuning costs are variable in nature, I can make quick adjustments in 15-20 minutes, extensive adjustments can require an hour.  Applications with high performance engines, or extreme tow tunes require more time and I can't cut corners.  I may be able to get your trans tuned in an hour or less, but expect to spend $225.00 or more if you want extra specialized or additional calibrations. I try to surprise you with less, but prepare you for more, that's the way I sell things.

See my transmission swap comparisons page to see how the Allison® swap stacks up compared to other transmission swaps in regard to overall cost and value in gear ratios and dependability.

I only offer the stand alone, Medium Duty Allison system.  I am able to provide some support the GM 8.1 6-speed system as a stand alone application if you want to experiment with that.   There are a lot of myths and bad information about both systems- so here is some solid info on both:

8.1 GM System

Medium Duty

What other information do I need to know?

For a 6-speed conversion, a 2006 Chevy Allison or a medium duty 1000-2550 series Allison with an input speed sensor is recommended.  '07-'09 Chevy Allisons require adding the input speed sensor in, and there are several ways to do that.  See more information on the Forums.

2010 and newer Allisons have a variable pressure control solenoid that requires a separate control module that uses boost, throttle position, throttle rate and more to deliver tunable line pressure in the transmission.  This adds significant cost and complexity to the system, and for these reasons and more I don't typically recommend using these "late model" transmissions - however they probably are more fuel efficient and potentially could be better for high performance builds over 750 hp since higher line pressure can be reached without restricting cooler flow.  Simply put, DO NOT buy one of these until after you have more information from me.

Tuning requires a Windows based computer and an email- and full diagnostic capabilities requires a Windows based laptop computer.  Transfer case options for 4 wheel drive trucks are plentiful, and no expensive adapters are required, even for low range operation.  Contact me for further details, I have vehicle specific information that I email to potential customers, and any further questions are welcome.   Although the TCMs I offer are made for Allison® Transmission Inc., this particular application is not endorsed, authorized, nor is it warranted by Allison Transmission® Inc. 

Introducing Harness Kits!

For the DIY crew out there, I am offering harness kits!  The kit includes all new wire (no duplicated colors), terminals, connectors, and instructions to build your own harness as well as the Transmission Control Module.  This option works out well for those that can read and understand instructions well, can learn or have some basic skills, and are good at planning projects.

Choose wisely however!  Building your own harness is not the best choice for some people.  Prices start at $850 for the harness kit and TCM.  The price also includes a half hour of phone or email support for building the harness. Additional support costs $75/hr. and I track that time strict - so if you have a hard time with instructions or wiring work, do yourself a big favor and order a custom built harness ready to install, since you may end up spending a lot more building your own than you might realize.

Understand that I reserve the right to refuse to sell this option or anything I offer to anyone for whatever reason.  You will have to ask for this option, it's one of the rewards guys get for reading to the bottom of this page :).